Advanced 24/7 Dispatch Center

Our state of the art Dispatch center located in Crystal Lake keeps all of our operations
running smooth and dependable.
  • 100% Generator Backup Power
  • Redundant Power Backup Systems
  • Redundant Computer Systems
  • Real Time GPS Tracking of Transports
  • Powered By TraumaSoft Technology
  • Redundant Voice and Data Systems
  • 24/7 Operation

Advanced Communications

From disaster relief efforts to local transports A-TEC keeps track of it all

Our advanced 24/7 Dispatch Center in Elgin is the central communications hub where we connect with our partners, Customers, and employees in real time with redundant phone systems GPS vehicle tracking and guidance.

  • GPS Fleet Tracking
  • Mobile Data Connections
  • On-Board Systems Monitoring
  • Real Time communications with our crews
  A-TEC Dispatch Center

24 Hour Dispatch

Whether you are a patient , hospital, or retirement home if you need to schedule a transport or have a question about your transport this is the place to call!

Dispatch personnel are on premise 24 hours a day to schedule all your emergency and non-emergency ambulance transportation needs. A-TEC’s dispatch center functions off the Traumasoft Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System. This CAD system assists the dispatcher in delivering the most accurate ETA’s to any facility requesting our services.


24 Hour Customer Care

Have a Question? need a pickup? Give our customer care center a call and they will point you in the right direction!


The main feature of the CAD system is to isolate areas of high call volume and move vehicles and personnel to meet those needs in all of our service area. It highlights primary response areas for all Advanced Life Support (ALS) transport, including the Critical Care Transporters (CCT).

The normal progression of emergency dispatch is to assign the appropriate level of care for each call received ensuring the best care for the patient. As dispatch assigns calls, the CAD system will track and predict the estimated length of the call. This will allow the CAD system to appropriately provide coverage of non-committed response vehicles while the emergency call is occurring. The staging of response vehicles is based upon scheduled calls and potential calls that may be received based on statistical data which is updated in real time based on any urgency that may arise.

Even with all this technology, A-TEC still makes it a point to review all policies and procedures to ensure that we are providing the highest quality of care, fleet management and performance evaluation.