Looking to bring your career to new heights? Do you want a career
that allows you to make a difference in people’s lives?


Class begins October 21st, 2019
Completes on April 6th, 2020
Mondays and Thursdays 1800-2200

85 W. Ellwalk Avenue
Cortland, IL 60112

Free to A-TEC Employees!
Come work as a MediVan driver as you learn to be an EMT!
$750.00 for non-employees
$500.00 for affiliated Fire Departments

Information or Questions?

Deb Ernest

EMT is an acronym for Emergency Medical Technician, which is an ambulance professional who provides emergency medical assistance and services. Job possibilities include not only the traditional roles of EMTs on ambulances, but also many new evolving possibilities within the medical community including in hospital and clinic jobs. EMT is the entry level for Emergency Medical Services. The possibilities for advancement are wide open.

Within the program we will learn the basics of how the human body works, what can go wrong with it, and how we can effectively treat and transport our patients to definitive care. You’ll receive an overview of the Basic Life Support (BLS) process as defined by the National EMS Education Standards. Graduates of our program will be ready to challenge the EMT National Exam and begin working in the field immediately.