A-TEC Frequently Asked Questions
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Patient’s FAQ

What is your service area?

  • Our Service area is the Stateline of Illinois-Wisconsin to the north and approximately I-88 to the south which includes the following counties McHenry, Lake, DeKalb, Kane, DuPage & Cook, but not limited to these counties.

What information is needed when you call?

  • Patient’s Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Pick up Address (Apartment Number if applies) or Facility Name

  • Where the Patient is going? (Address or Facility Name and Doctor’s Names / Suite Number)
  • What is the patient being transported for?
  • Social Security Number*
  • What type of Insurance the Patient has?
  • Patient’s Weight
  • Number of stairs

 *Insurance Carriers and Medicare require the Patient’s Social Security Number and Policy Number(s) for identification and to process the claim
Will you submit the bill to the insurance company?

  • Yes. When we have the correct information available, we will submit a bill to your insurance company on your behalf. If you receive a statement from us and you do not have any insurance listed, please call our billing department with your information and we will submit to your insurance at that time.

Do you pick up from private residence?

  • Yes, we do transport  patients from private residence by ambulance when patients are going to the Emergency Room or transporting to/from dialysis. Dialysis transports require additional paperwork needed to set up, please contact us for further information.

Can you take me to the hospital of my choice?

  • We do our best to transport you to the facility of your choice. Due to Medical Regulations, our Paramedics are required to contact their Medical Control before/during transport.  Medical Control is a physician at their base hospital who oversees Paramedic care and patient treatment.  If the Medical Control Physician feels that the patient needs to be transported to a closer hospital due to patient condition and information provided by the caring Paramedic, they may be directed to a closer hospital.  Every ambulance is governed by their own Medical Control. 
    Will Medicare pay for my transport?

    If I am a dialysis patient are you able to transport me to/from my home?

    • In order for us to transport from a residence to your dialysis center, you will need to met medical necessity and have authorization from your insurance company. If you have Medicare, our processing department will work with your Doctors and Dialysis center to make sure we have the proper authorization. Medicaid patients will need to obtain a Prior Authorization Number from their insurance to ensure transports are covered. 


    How do you determine what level of service is needed for my transport?

    The type of transportation is based on an industry term: “medically necessary”.  In order to determine if you meet medical necessity our dispatcher will ask the following questions:

    • Does the patient utilize a wheelchair?
    • Is the patient bed bound? 
    • Can the patient maintain a sitting position for an extended period of time?

    Does the patient need assistance to stand or pivot?

    • If the patient is able to walk or utilizes a wheelchair would they be able to tolerate transport in a Medivan. If the patient is bed bound, and is unable to sit for an extended period or needs assistance to transfer, an ambulance is utilized. For all transportation going to the hospital for an emergency, an ambulance is dispatched for the patient. If the patient lives in a Skilled Nursing Facility or Rehab center, we require all requests for transportation be initiated by staff at the facility.

    How do I get a quote for my transport?

    • For a transportation quote, please fill out the form below or contact Customer Service at 866-479-1615