A-TEC Frequently Asked Questions
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Facilities FAQ

What forms may I need to fill out when I transfer a patient?

What information do you need when I call to set up an appt?

  • Patient’s Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number*
  • Pick up Address (Apartment Number if applies) or Facility Name
  • Where the Patient is going? (Address or Facility Name and Doctor’s Names / Suite Number)
  • What is the patient being transported for?
  • Patient’s weight
  • What type of Insurance the Patient has?*

 *Insurance Carriers and Medicare require the Patient’s Social Security Number and Policy Number(s) for identification and to process the claim

What insurance covers Medivan transports?

  • Medicaid is the only insurance that covers Medivan transports. Medicare does NOT cover these transports.

Medicaid now requires an approval number for all transports.  For regular Medicaid you can contact First Transit at 877-725-0569 to request an approval for transport.

What number do I call if my patient has a Managed Care Organization through Medicaid?

  • Humana Health Plan- 866-588-5122
  • Meridian Health Plan- 855-251-7098
  • Aetna Better Health- 855-201-7698
  • Illinicare- 855-201-7698
  • Healthspring- 855-300-9126
  • Family Health Network- 855-300-9126
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield- 855-201-7698

You will give the caller the same information as you give to A-Tec when calling for a transport.  They will then assist you in setting up transport for your patient.  This is only if your patient has Medicaid with a Managed Care Organization.

Why are some patients transferred to a hospital other than the one I requested?

  • We do our best to transport you to the facility of your choice. Due to medical regulations, our paramedics are required to contact their medical control before/during transport. Medical control is a physician at their base hospital who oversees paramedic care and patient treatment. If the medical control physician feels that the patient needs to be transported to a closer hospital due to patient condition and information provided by the caring paramedic, they may be directed to a closer hospital. Every ambulance is governed by their own medical control.

Why am I not able to send a patient to the Emergency Room in a Medivan?

  • We are required to send patients to the Emergency Room via Ambulance so the patient may be evaluated and monitored during the transport. This also provides a continuum of care from your facility, during transport, and through to the patient’s arrival at the Emergency Room.